Submission Terms and Conditions

1) By selecting the “I Accept” button below you (Replace with yours) “Name and Surname, Address, Town, City, Country, Postal Code, Telephone number, Your e-mail “, agree to the following terms and conditions of the binding agreement between you and Attitude Army.

2) If your design, word, combination of words, symbol, slogan, image, photograph, graphic design or any other type of design (hereinafter the “Design”) is selected by Attitude Army, you acknowledge that you transfer exclusively to Attitude Army or its affiliate, the entire copyright of the Design. Such copyright includes the full economic right which contains, without limitation, the following exclusive rights: (a) the fixation and reproduction of the Design by any means, such as mechanical, photochemical or electronic means (b) the arrangement, adaptation, changing or reworking by making color or size changes, making derivative works or other alterations of the Design, (c) the translation of the Design in other language, (d) the distribution of the original or copies of the Design via a transfer of ownership, a rental arrangement or public lending, selling items bearing the Design, imports or exports of items bearing the Design wherever in the world, (e) the communication of the Design to the public, (f) the broadcasting or rebroadcasting of the Design to the public by internet, telephone, cellular phone, wireless waves, cables or by any other material wires or by any other means, in parallel to the surface of the earth or by satellite, (g) use of the Design on Attitude Army website and on promotional material of said company or its affiliates.

3) The Design submitted to Attitude Army, under the terms and conditions of this agreement is the following:

4) When your design is selected you acknowledge that you grant Attitude Army and its affiliates your consent: (a) to decide exclusively on the time, place and manner in which the Design shall be made accessible to the public, (b) to modify exclusively the Design according to the needs of each presentation to the public.

5) The term of the exclusive transfer of copyright is for the life of the design.

6) The exclusive transfer of copyright is the World.

7) When your Design is selected by Attitude Army it will always be used in conjunction with your name (or the alias you will provide) and the name Attitude Army or its affiliate.

8) Designs or derivatives’ of the design selected may be used on your personal portfolio or website only for non-commercial purposes and with notification that the Design has been selected by Attitude Army.

9) By submitting your Design you shall not reproduce, sell, or submit the Design to others for any commercial or other purposes for sixty (60) days after the date of submission in order to be evaluated by Attitude Army.

If your Design is not chosen after the sixty (60) days have passed you may freely use the Design for any use, commercial or non commercial.

If your Design is used elsewhere you must notify Attitude Army by email about when and where your Design will be used. If design has already been accepted a fee maybe incurred to replace production costs.

10) You acknowledge, guarantee, and warrant that: (a) the Design is your own original work (you are the sole owner on the copyright of the Design), (b) you have the right to freely proceed to this agreement without any prejudice of third party rights (e.g. the Design does not contain any trademarks, logos, copyrighted material or any other intellectual property or any kind of rights belonging to a third party), (c) the Design has not been previously published.

11) You acknowledge that the Design might take part on public competitions, through Attitude Army or affiliate websites, or on other competitions that Attitude Army might take part, competing with designs of other creators in order to assess marketability of the designs submitted.

12) You acknowledge that the decision on the acceptance, publication, dissemination, removal of the Design on, by, from Attitude Army website it is the sole and exclusive discretion of Attitude Army regardless of the outcome of the competition referred on the above article. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as an obligation of Attitude Army to manufacture and/or disseminate and/or distribute and/or sell any specific quantity of products / items containing the Design. All manufacturing, dissemination, marketing and exploiting decisions regarding each Design are left to the sole discretion of Attitude Army.

13) When your Design is selected for use by Attitude Army or its affiliate for reproduction of your Design, the following will apply. You will be offered the buyout/ flat fee award option. This is inclusive of any and all third party payments which shall include but not be limited to all payments which may be or become due to taxes.

14) Attitude Army reserves the right to change the terms at any time, by posting them on the Attitude Army website. Changes will be effective upon posting.

15) Payments will be made within thirty (30) days when design is accepted and paperwork has been completed.

16) When Design is selected you will be notified by Attitude Army and asked to provide a hard copy of the present Agreement that will bear you signature on each page. The hard copy may be sent by mail, email or by fax.

17) Attitude Army may freely assign this Agreement to a third party. You may not assign part or whole of the Agreement without the prior written consent of Attitude Army.

18) If any part of this Agreement is found by a court of law or an administrative body that has jurisdiction over this Agreement as void, illegal, not applicable, the remaining part will be held valid.

19) Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to constitute a partnership between the parties of the Agreement.

20) This Agreement shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws and procedures of the state of New Jersey and Florida. You hereby stipulate and submit to the personal and subject matter jurisdiction of such Courts with respect to claims arising from this Agreement.

21) Today I will begin to express myself to the world! Together we can change the world!

Read and Agreed,

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Thanks again for choosing to express you and help us change the world!

Attitude Army

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