Our Mission and Belief:

We will all have our own experiences but the main belief is shared. We can recreate our own truth at anytime we chose


Hello and thank you for visiting. I am F.L.O.Y.D the Gorilla. I am the beginning of the, ATTITUDE ARMY”. The creator of sorts.  My name is shortened for spatial issues however, my message about life is clear, “ forever living out your dreams”. My goal and desire is to bring back communities, friendships , awareness and lives by living free in truth.


I don’t want people to feel they need to hide who they are or what they choose to believe. Dreams are possible when we are solid in our belief. My desire is to represent that and through my outreach help everyone find the F.L.O.Y.D in themselves.





The creation of the, “ Attitude Army “, was a simple one. To provide a networking community for people to come together and share. A community where we are not judged by social or economic class yet in our belief system.

We need you! Together we can change the world!

F.L.O.Y.D the Gorilla

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