The Social section is coming soon. However please read below about what we will have set out to do with this site:

The intent of this site is to provide an open community of people sharing, living , enjoying and believing in life and the common thread that there are others out there who want to make and be part of change in a positive way and express that change.

The creation of , “The Attitude Army ,” was a simple one. To provide a networking community for people to come together and share. A community where we are not judged by social or economic class yet in our belief system.

What is that belief system? That is the question I want you to ask. We will all have our own experiences but the main belief is shared. We can recreate our own truth at anytime we chose

All of us are individuals have a right to feel and believe what they trust to be right in their heart.

Not because society told us or taught us in a book that is how we should feel or act but because we truly feel that way and want to project that belief to the world.

Truth is discovered not given or taught.  If all individuals seek and speak that truth from within so they no longer are bottled up and tired , angry depressed and embarrassed by the burden or , “ going with the flow.”  This takes the ability to put aside the taught need for acceptance of others and move towards ones own needs. Personal acceptance without the binding need for positive judgment from those around.

Tolerance is possible when we are at peace with ourselves.

Showing the community around us that we have a freedom from within and surrounding ourselves with others who have found the place of non judgment and peace will allow for happiness and peace. Coming together to support without needing to comment and accept without reprisal when we don’t agree will allow change in our own lives and that of those around us.

Individuality is based on our own truth of who and what we believe ourselves to be. Let go of who told you what about yourself.  Learn who you are, what you want and believe you can get there by following your truth. Renegotiate with those close to you as you decide to change and remember part of truth is acceptance. Others may not want a change in you or your relationship with them. Some changes take time.

Tether your uniqueness. In acceptance of who you are and what you need you can become open. Knowing  that others may have separate needs and being part of their life does not need to cause distress rather an open opportunity to change and renegotiate that relationship. To accept what has been and move towards what can be. To allow others to decide what they can give and not push for them to be what you want allows truth.

Unite to provide support to others around you. By networking in a new way we can support both via the web and in person, in groups to show “community” awareness and support. Most often it is not the spoken word as much as the visual presence ones sees and feels that forwards the projected need.

Define the people and places and causes and needs that make your truth. Do not allow the pressure to be “like” or now “dislike” hinder your truth and spirit. There is no need to comment unless it is to offer your own truth in an effort to help someone on their own path. Remember always just because you have chosen to change does not mean those around you are obligated to do so as well.

Enlighten the world to how beautiful you are as you. Freedom, imagination and recreating you and how you are in this universe is life changing. Brighten the world without restraints. Create your attitude.